Camping during covid

Hello everyone and welcome back, As I sit down to write this, I am on a vacation. I am camping with an camper together with my husband. Since covid hit we haven't gone on any sort of vacation. It had been almost 2 years since our last break away from home. We wanted to keep... Continue Reading →

Seasonal depression

Hello and welcome back, In many places winter is approaching and that means less sun, nature going into a deep sleep. But for some this season is even harder than for others. They get what is called a seasonal depression, the official name is seasonal affective disorder. Made you curious about what this is? Just... Continue Reading →

Between the lines

Hello and welcome back, Today I want to start a discussion about something that’s been bothering me in society. I feel like we love to put people in boxes. Boxes with things like how beautiful someone is, how smart you are, if your disabled or not disabled, if your a woman or men. All kinds... Continue Reading →

Why stereotypes are harmful

Hello everyone, welcome back or welcome first timers, Since I start writing again this year, I want to talk about real raw topics. We all face stereotypes in our daily life's. If we want it or not. But we also think in stereotypes, some we do without thinking. This is due to stereotypes given to... Continue Reading →

Poem: Sand

Sand The sand on the beach, between our toes. The sea still out of reach. But the smell is salty, leaving a taste on our tongue. slowly our toes touch the water. Feeling the cold and the rocks. The water comes and goes. Like the rhythm of a song.   Then the wind starts to... Continue Reading →

5 tips how to get over a writer’s block

writer's block /ˌrʌɪtəz ˈblɒk/ the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. "the novelist recovered from a two-year bout with writer's block" Hello everyone and my fellow bloggers, I think we all know the feeling when we hit a creative block. If it's writing or any... Continue Reading →

Strength of remembrance

Hello and welcome to this blog!! I know it's been a while. And I'm so sorry. My laptop sort of broke down. And had a lot of trouble with it, due to the fact I had to finish a couple of school projects. Anyway. Here in the Netherland, the last 2 days have been really... Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will share something more art related. For one of my extra subjects in college. I had chosen one called spoken words.  I have to follow 3 extra subjects each year, divided into 3 periods. So this semester I am having a lot of fun with these spoken words.... Continue Reading →

Anxiety attack

Hello and welcome to my blog. So 2 weeks ago I had a major panick and anxiety attack. it's been a crazy week. In a bad way. Really bad way. You know the feeling when something goes wrong and you just know that its just the start. Well that was me last 2 week. My... Continue Reading →

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