Poem: Time

Time drops by, Slowly, without realizing what's happening.   Our time for now, it is almost over. Then our waiting begins.  Beautiful memories made, remembering, like it is the most precious thing, in the universe.  Let's not forget our love.  My dear, I will never forget, how you fixed my heart. To be kept with... Continue Reading →

Poem: (a) lone (ly)

Tired of being send away. Shuffed out of the door. Forgetting about me. Telling me I need to go. The tears slowly leaving my eyesWhile you are away. Leaving me, alone by myself. I dont know if i can hold on like this. I cant let you hurt me like this over and over. Making... Continue Reading →

Poem: Lights out

 When the lights go out,and the night has start.Will you make me yours,when we are one.  Our bodies move,and we're on fire.My mind is screaming;For your touch, your love, your care.When the lights go out,And the night has start.I lay alone.Wondering if you think of me,of my love.

Weekend recap

Hello and welcome back, This weekend has been one that I really needed. A weekend of relaxing and taking care of myself. I survived the week and been working super hard on my study. Which also made me really tired. So this weekend I used the time I've had to relax. Watched a couple movies,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Contradiction

When I look around, I see a worldfull of corruption, hate and negativity,people who are homeless,people who are starving.Why is that? Why is there so much pain?When I look closer, I see a world,Full of love, happiness, hope,people who are selfless, caring,People who are an example,for the rest of the world. Hello and welcome back, I know... Continue Reading →

Poem: His promise

He promised me a good life.He promised me love.He promised me the world.To buy me flowers,And a pretty house.But promises are empty,Until they are fulfilled

Anxiety triggers

Hello and welcome back, As some might know, I started my new study. Yesterday I came home feeling super ill and sick. Couldn't eat anything or do much. I layed in bed and slept a lot after school. Then my husband came home and he talked with me about my day. I've been feeling a... Continue Reading →

Poem: Home

Your love will guide the way.The way back home.I'll wait all those days.From my love to come back home.I will wear stand all the pain.All the bruises I will get.Nothing may break me apart,I'll fight for youmy dear.

Poem: finding one self

I want to find myself.Explore the sides that never had the chance to grow. Sides that layed low. Finding back my inner child. The ever joyfull parts,the innocent parts,that got abused and broken. Put away deep in my mind. Into a deep slumber. I want to go from survival,to living. Hello and welcome back, For... Continue Reading →

Weekend rundown

Hello and welcome back, If you been following me for a while you know that last week was the first week in my new study. So this weekend was a bit different than my normal weekend. Due to the fact that I was exhausted. Outside me sleeping saterday to return a bit of my energy... Continue Reading →

Introduction week of college

Hello and welcome back, This week has been a super excited week. It was the introduction week for my study. The real work starts monday. But this week was a more about technical information about the study, the website, planning, online meetings etc. But also about getting to know my class. In my study the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Red Roses

Roses so red as her lips.Blooming under the sun. A paddle so soft as her skin.So frigale to the touch. Like the wings of a butterfly. One touch. And the butterfly could die. But she can wear stand more. The roses has thornes as protection. Like her walls around her, shielding her.Sometimes the thornes sting.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Save and Eternal

Evil and light,will forever fight.Cursed togetherfor oblivium to survive.To break apart,for a bleeding heart. To heal and destroy.May thy soul,in the end,be saved, for eternal calmness. Hello and welcome back, Today a new poem! I love to hear what you think of it. This is one of my more older pieces. But also one of... Continue Reading →

Poem: fire

When I look into your eyes,A heated gaze replies.Full of fire and desire.Burning my soul. Your eyes trailing my body. Slowly, burning everything away. Licking my Lips. Your hands reach out to me. Lightning up the fire inside me. Slowly we burn together. Coming together as one. Being one, with no end nor beginning.The sparks... Continue Reading →

Poem: RED

Red the color Of fireOf blood. Some dat it's full of Strenght, powerPassion and desire. But I see my pain,My past. And hopefully not my future. I see distraction,Hopelesness

Poem: Blue sky

A beautiful sky,Brightly blue.Just like his eyes. Starring continuesly.Loving and caring. Like the warmth of the sun.Shining brightly on me.

Inner thoughts #2

Hello and welcome back, As a rare occasion this is my second blog post for today. I want to share some of my thoughts and feelings that I am processing myself. For me writing is almost therapeutic like when it's about my emotions. Today the question that got stuck in my head is: How can... Continue Reading →

Inner thoughts #1

Hello everyone and welcome back,Let me share some of my thoughts that kept me busy the last few days. I want to share more of what is going on in my head and things that bother me and my emotions. Over the years I've had many friends, many people I used the hang out with.... Continue Reading →

Gaslit story

Hello and welcome back, So as some might know in my blog I talk about mental health and life. So after thinking about it for a couple of days. I wanted to share a story about how I was gaslit this week. About how I noticed it and what I did to stop further demage... Continue Reading →

Toxic Positivity, what is it?

Hello and welcome back, Today I want tp share something that has been bothering me online. It's something called toxic positivity. In this blog I will share with you what it is, how it can manifest itself and why it is harmful. Are you curious about it. Keep on reading. Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti on... Continue Reading →

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