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Strength of remembrance

Hello and welcome to this blog!! I know it's been a while. And I'm so sorry. My laptop sort of broke down. And had a lot of trouble with it, due to the fact I had to finish a couple of school projects. Anyway. Here in the Netherland, the last 2 days have been really... Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will share something more art related. For one of my extra subjects in college. I had chosen one called spoken words.  I have to follow 3 extra subjects each year, divided into 3 periods. So this semester I am having a lot of fun with these spoken words.... Continue Reading →

Anxiety attack

Hello and welcome to my blog. So 2 weeks ago I had a major panick and anxiety attack. it's been a crazy week. In a bad way. Really bad way. You know the feeling when something goes wrong and you just know that its just the start. Well that was me last 2 week. My... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it romantic

Hello and welcome to my blog. I know I haven't been too active lately, I am trying to catch up. And then last week my phone crashed. That made me super stressed. So Right now I have a super old phone. Which only has WhatsApp and well nothing else. Anyway, a couple of days ago I... Continue Reading →

occupational thinking

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I want to share the view on health from the eyes of an occupational therapist. How they view the world and just the thing I have learned from my study and experience. If you want to know what occupation therapy is. My second blog is about this subject. Let's... Continue Reading →

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